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-Overhead Distribution – Updated 08/09/2020 Transmission
New Orleans, Louisiana- 2-3 A’s/JLs, 2 crews Indiana: A’s/JLs
Dallas/Ft. Worth & Denton, Texas: 5-6 A’s/JLs Minnesota: A’s/JLs
Beaumont/Conroe, Texas: 4-5 A’s/JLs, 2 crews
Seymour and Martinsville, Indiana : A’s/JLs with CDLs and crews Underground
Wyoming: 2 A’s/JLs Colorado: 1 A/JL or Top B/Hot apprentice
Lake Charles, Lousiana: 1 A /JL Conroe, Texas: A/JL
Beaumont, Texas: Street Light crew
St. Augustine, Florida: Crews
Miami, Daytona, Florida: A’s/JLs and crews
Oklahoma: 3 A’s/ JLs
New Hampshire: 5-6 A’s
Maine: 5-6 A’s

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