Partnership Opportunities

Adding to the Bottom Line

CSI Powerline, through our strategic network of partners, is continuously funneled total small business set-aside projects with contract values ranging from $500K-$50M.

Strategic Partners

CSI Powerline has developed a new strategy aimed at bringing new projects to our clients, while limiting up front investment. Through it’s partnerships, CSI Powerline is consistently funneled projects designated for small business, which many larger firms are otherwise denied access to. Using a Co-Venture approach, CSI’s strategic partners get handed the contracts, clients simply have to provide basic tooling and equipment, and CSI Powerline provides the manpower. This method has been proven to be key in allowing all participants to expand their footprint and increase profits.

Mitigating Risk

While our fundamental values as a company embody safety, CSI Powerline’s personnel are fully insured, mitigating the risk to our clients. These insurances include Worker’s Compensation Insurance for injury, General Liability Insurance for any potential damage, as well as Unemployment Insurance for when the project is concluded.

Pick your Projects

With the volume of work that CSI Powerline has access to, we provide our clients with co-venture opportunities on projects including: Greenfield/Greyfield Substations, Transmission, Municipality Maintenance, Lump Sum Overhead/Underground. CSI’s clients enjoy streamlined projects that fit their target margin parameters.

Access Afforded

Our strategic partnerships afford us, and subsequently our clients, access to work designated for the following entities:


  • SBA Certified 8(a) Dry Utility Contractors
  • SBA Certified (SDB) Small Disadvantaged Businesses


  • Certified (MBE) Minority Business Enterprises
  • Certified (DBE) Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
  • (HUBZone) Historically Underutilized Business Zones


  • 237130 Power & Communication Line and Related Structures Construction
  • 238210 Electrical Contractors
  • 624230 Emergency and Other Relief Services

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